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Why an Escape Room is the Perfect Time when it gets Wet

Florida is best known for its unpredictable rainy weather. Whether at the parks, playing golf, out shopping, or getting a bite to eat, when it starts to pour down, you'll need to rush inside or under a canopy not to get SOAKED!

#1 - You are safe and dry indoors!

Most times rainfall will go on for an hour or so before getting lighter or stronger.

Luckily for you, Jewel Escape Rooms has a comfy lobby, bathroom, themed games, and escape rooms for you to enjoy while the atmospheric rainfall goes on.

#2 - The rain pouring on the ceiling creates ATMOSPHERE ✨

When it's raining, you feel as if you're battling a storm while shooting down a target with your fellow crewmates!

Or feel as if you are in good ol' London, putting together a map of London to find clues for a missing Will!

#3 - Plenty of great restaurants within walking distance!

When you've finished your adventure, take a few steps to the left to find a top-rated taco restaurant, or walk a bit more to find a popular pizza restaurant!

There's also a Publix, Liquor store, Vape Cafe, Subway, and SoFresh connected to the plaza!

Want to do something else? You can get your nails done at the nearby Nail Salon!

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