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Traveling to ChampionsGate as a College Student

Alright, you just got off from college after finally finishing that last exam or project, and your friend group wants to head over to ChampionsGate. As college students, you are all ready for some fun, eat good food, and try something new within one to a few days. 

So what is there to do in ChampionsGate?

Don't worry, my friend, as I have found some unique finds in this little town!


#1 - Ford’s Garage

  • Do you want GOOD food with an even GREATER atmosphere? Then this is the place from crazy burgers, a huge selection of drinks and milkshakes, to the real Ford cars around the table. 

#2 - Tacos don Andres

  • Want something international? Well, Tacos Don Andres has some of the BEST Mexican food around! From delicious drinks to tasty tacos, make sure you get here before rush hours because they book up quickly!

#3 - Pronto Eatly Pizza

  • A welcoming atmosphere from guests to the employees, the pizza is out of this world! By far the BEST pizza restaurant and meatballs around! 

#4 - Menchies

  • Want something sweet and fully customizable to enjoy? Menchies is here to provide that sweet tooth with its variety of frozen yogurt, with dairy and dairy-free options! 

#5 - Blue Coast Asian Cuisine

  • Want some sushi or even some unique Asian fusion food? Blue Coast is a GREAT place to enjoy just that! I hear they even have some boba options too!

There are TONS of food options all within a mile or so from the hub of ChampionsGate. From cheaper to the more expensive options, you won’t have to worry about that picky eater in the group!


#1 - Jewel Escape Room

  • Not to “toot our own horn,” but there isn’t another escape room like us for miles! With 5 different escape rooms focused on family-friendly escape rooms in adventurous and mystery themes, come on over for some family-friendly puzzles and games!

#2 - Cinepolis

  • Not to fear! We indeed have a movie theater nearby, even if it is about 10-15 minutes just south of the main hub of ChampionsGate. Cinepolis has a great bar, food, and comfort options available! If you are looking for a great deal, check in on their Movie Tuesdays!

#3 - ChampionsGate Golf

  • For those wanting to spend the extra $$, the Omni Resort in ChampionsGate has two incredible golf courses including their International course designed by Greg Norman himself! 

#4 - Spas & Nail Salons

  • If you want to have a more chill and self-care experience, ChampionsGate has a variety of highly-rated Spas and Nail Salons! Of course, since the Omni Resort is nearby, they also have an amazing spa.

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